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The academy to become a football scout

With Scoutit you learn the profession of football scout and immediately start working in this wonderful world
Ciascun corso e propedeutico al successivo e ti dà modo di valutare progressivamente se questo mondo rispetta le tue ambizioni. Al termine potrai essere affiancato ad uno dei nostri partner o seguire un progetto tematico sullo scouting

Il corso Starter è il primo tassello per avere un’infarinatura sullo scouting


In questo corso entri nel cuore della tecnica dell’osservazione calcistica


Qui approfondirai i temi per iniziare a collaborare con i nostri partner

The Scoutit academy is the first that offers a gradual path to learn at a technical, bureaucratic and commercial level all that is needed to become a professional football observer.

About us

Whether you are on the pitch…

… that you are an expert …

… if you want to specialize …

… but even if you are just a fan …

… the football observer path can be an intriguing opportunity!

if you want information on our path for scouts write us at info@scoutit.co

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Our goal is to make the world of scouting accessible to all fans

SCOUTIT deals with field scouting and training for football observers

If you are interested in this world and want to learn knowledge from the professionals of the trade you are in the right place!

Ascolta il nostro podcast sullo scouting calcistico

Analisi dei giocatori, consigli tecnici e normativa nazionale ed internazionale.


the scout services!

Courses for football scout

Who is the observer?
course for football observer

“The observer is the person who is able to judge and evaluate the players through a method”

football observation

“Passion leads him to the fields to watch the game, competence leads him to observe the game.”

football observation training

“The observer is the person who, through a method, is able to identify the talent in the player”

The football observer is a growing role and increasingly sought-after by football clubs, SCOUTIT was born as a reference point for those who want to undertake this new and intriguing career.

The role of the football observer

The role of the football observer is of primary importance within the football economy. This is the figure responsible for finding profiles of interesting players for their own goals and discovering new talents. Football scouting has always been an activity operating in football but over the years there has been a profound evolution of the role. Personological attitudes (critical ability, attention to details, sensitivity) and techniques (knowledge and competence on football) have been gradually joined by new skills, such as IT, relational skills and in some cases linguistic skills.

The goals of the football scout change according to the context in which he operates and the figures he works for, usually clubs or agents. You can work on youth, amateur and clearly professional football. Especially in today’s globalized football there are potentially many opportunities for collaboration and increasingly open paths towards scouting. Nowadays, in almost all countries and competitions it is possible to find talent thanks to the average improvement of the world level of football. Combined with this, the possibilities tocreate a network with professionals also abroad have increased. The technical assessments of the player are therefore also combined with a knowledge of the context in which he is observed, and preferably a deep-rooted network of contacts that can support one’s observation work. For this reason we mentioned the new skills of the scout, because if well exploited the potential of the role is even more favorable than in the past.

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