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This contract for the provision of services (the “Contract”) establishes the legally binding terms between the user (“User”) and the contents of the website www.scoutit.co SCOUTIT sole proprietorship, with registered office in Genoa e-mail info@scoutit.com for contact purposes (“SCOUTIT”), which operates through its website hosted at the URL www.scoutit.co (the “Site”). Icona di Verificata con community

The site has been designed for the publication and use of the Course as a football scout

SCOUTIT si riserva di aggiungere o modificare le presenti condizioni generali in qualsiasi momento, anche in ossequio o in forza di eventuali mutamenti normativi; qualora fossero modificate saranno operative dal momento della pubblicazione sul sito e sarà data comunicazione delle avvenute variazione via e-mail. A new approval will therefore be required at the first access following the changes made.


Pursuant to and for the purposes of these Conditions, the following definitions apply. All terms used in the singular are valid even if used in the plural and vice versa:

– “SCOUTIT”: is a site operating within the field of video courses and football scouting Icona di Verificata con community

– “SCOUTIT” belongs to the sole proprietorship of Mr. Edoardo Pedemonte VAT number 02602610996

– “Sito”: indicates www.scoutit.com

– “Parties” the contractors who accept these terms and conditions

– “The Owner” SCOUTIT sole proprietorship of Edoardo Pedemonte

– “Account” profile created by the User when registering on the site;

“Videcourse” the audio-video material containing the video course for the in-depth study of the issues as a sports scout

– “Cards” each player profile present on the site

– “Contents of Scoutit” means all the Contents that SCOUTIT makes available through the site (in the form of text, graphics, images, music, software, audio, video, etc.) including any content licensed by a third party Icona di Verificata con community

– “Credentials” User ID and password chosen by the User when registering on the site.

– “Duration of the course” indicates the overall duration of the video course which can be used through the site.

– “Courses price” indicates the total cost payable by the user for the use of the video courses.

– “Service” indicates the granting of use of the SCOUTIT online platform which allows account holders to use the video course and other site content. Icona di Verificata con community The Service is provided through the site.

– “Duration” indicates the time

“Users” all those who use the site  and / or the Service having accepted these Conditions. Icona di Verificata con community

– “Transaction” contract that Users conclude SCOUTIT for the purchase of the Video Course.

“Partner” subject with which SCOUTIT can put the student in contact for the purpose of collaboration between the two parties, outside the responsibility of SCOUTIT, in the manner described below.

“Training” it means the possibility for students to send fifteen (15) technical cards of players to SCOUTIT after completing the ProSkilled course in order to make a correction in the manner described below.


This contract collects the general conditions that regulate access, navigation and use of the Site, as well as the contents that integrate it and the specific conditions that regulate the use, supply of products and services which, if present, can be offered through the site.


SCOUTIT is a site owned by the sole proprietorship of Mr. Edoardo Pedemonte VAT number 02602610996


The following Terms of Service apply to the services offered by the site www.scoutit.coand govern the access and use of the site itself.

By accessing the site, registering with the same and future login or simply connecting to www.scoutit.co, you declare that you have read, understood and fully accepted all the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy linked to them and you accept without reserves to be bound by it. Icona di Verificata con community All the content of the Terms of Service is essential to the use of the services offered and more extensively to what is contained on this site; therefore, if you do not accept one or more conditions contained in these Terms and / or in the related Privacy Policy, you cannot use the contents of the website www.scoutit.co.

This contract is intended to regulate the terms and conditions applicable to the service of activities accessible through the site.


SCOUTIT reserves the right to offer certain products or services exclusively to users registered on its site and in this sense the specific conditions relatively applicable are expressly accepted.

SCOUTIT also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to interrupt or suspend access to products, services and contents of the site at any time and without notice, or to modify the configuration of the Site, the provisions of the products, services and contents, without giving the user the possibility to request any type of indemnity and / or compensation in relation to these changes, regardless of the fact that the lack of access to any content is attributable to maintenance, repairs, updates, improvements and modifications of a technical or legal nature .


The simple access to the Site, the use of its contents offered therein, as well as the compilation of forms, the publication of information, in general, any act similar to the above mentioned (in particular, if carried out through existing means on the site) will result in the unconditional acceptance of the rules that are part of this contract. Consequently, all users are advised to read carefully and it is also advisable to become familiar with the contents of this contract.

Unless otherwise and expressly established, access and use of the Site, for users, will have free, open and free access.

For the use, supply of any product or service offered through the site, the user must register, and will be responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information offered, guaranteeing the authenticity of all data that will be provided at the time of registration aimed at use of the products and / or services relating to said registration. Icona di Verificata con community

The user undertakes to make diligent use of his password and to maintain its confidentiality and exclusive use.

Users are responsible for the proper custody of their identifications and / or passwords that will be provided to them by SCOUTIT and undertake not to transfer their rights of use to third parties, either permanently or temporarily.

It will be the User’s sole responsibility for the use by third parties of their account credentials for events caused by incorrect or inappropriate storage of said data, except in the case in which the user has immediately informed SCOUTIT.

The user is also required to provide timely information on an event which may result in an improper use of the identifications and / or the password he owns, such as theft, loss or unauthorized access to the site by a third, in order to proceed with its immediate cancellation.

Therefore, the user is obliged to use the contents, products and services in a diligent, correct and lawful manner, in accordance with the regulations in force and, specifically, agrees to refrain from:

– their use with purpose or effect contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good behavior or public order and the instructions received by SCOUTIT. Icona di Verificata con community

– their use in a way that could damage the legitimate rights of third parties.

– the use of the content and products and, in particular, information of any kind obtained through the site or services, for sending advertising, for communication for direct sales purposes or for any other commercial purpose, messages not direct requests to a group of people, regardless of the purpose, also refraining from marketing or disclosing such information in any way or form, unless the owner gives prior and express authorization.

– the use of content and / or services that in any way may damage, render useless or deteriorate the Site or service, or prevent the normal enjoyment of the Site and / or content and / or services by other users. Icona di Verificata con community


The site may contain information, opinions, advice, and instructions provided by various sources of information, therefore SCOUTIT excludes any responsibility for decisions made by users on the basis of the aforementioned elements present on the site.

All information published on the site must be understood as created exclusively for general purposes and therefore SCOUTIT does not provide any guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information provided.

Furthermore, SCOUTIT does not guarantee the usefulness, truthfulness, completeness or updating of such information nor the results deriving from the use of such information.

The site and any content, product and / or service offered within it is to be considered offered “as is”. The User acknowledges and voluntarily accepts that the use of the information published and / or provided or related to the products or services offered on the site is to be considered under his sole and exclusive responsibility.

In particular, and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the owner does not warrant or be liable for:

– the continuity of the contents present on the site and / or the lack of availability or access to the Site, nor the technical continuity of the latter;

– the existence of interruptions or errors in accessing the Site, as well as technical problems or failures that arise when connecting to the Internet; Icona di Verificata con community

– the presence of errors or inaccuracies in its contents, services or products;

– the presence of viruses and other components that could be harmful on the Site or its server; Icona di Verificata con community

– the inviolability of the Site and / or impregnability of the security procedures that are prepared; Icona di Verificata con community

– the reliability and adequacy of the Site, the products or services incorporated therein and the information published and / or provided relating to the products or services mentioned above;

– the lack of usefulness, benefit or performance of the contents or services on the Site;

– for damages that are caused by any person who has violated the terms, conditions or rules that SCOUTIT establishes on the site or through the violation of its security systems;

– of any further damage that could be caused / deriving from or due to the non-operation or malfunctioning of the Site or to the websites which, if any, have been identified through links. Icona di Verificata con community

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the owner is not liable for loss of performance, income, data or financial loss or direct and / or indirect damage.

 In all cases, the owner’s full liability for any claim, including any implied warranty, is limited to the amount that the User has paid for the use of the Site.

In no event, the owner will be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.


All the services offered on the site are usable only by adults who therefore have already completed eighteen years of age at the time of registration.

When registering on the site, you declare to be at least 18 years old.

For legal persons, the user who intends to register them must have full legal authority to be able to bind said subject to these terms of service. Icona di Verificata con community

Any violation of the above rules will result in the immediate cancellation of the profile and in cases where the violation of any provision of the criminal code is found, the activity in question will also be reported to the competent authority.

In any case, SCOUTIT, through its platform, reserves the right to investigate and request certification regarding the eligibility of its members with the sole purpose of avoiding mystifications.



All communications or transmission of content that violate third party copyrights or are threatening, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, racist, against the dignity of the person and, ultimately, anything that contravenes the current laws, especially if this causes or constitutes a crime.

It is also strictly forbidden: Icona di Verificata con community

-violate any law applicable in Italy or the country in which the user is located and in any case any law applicable to the activity that the user carries out on this site and other sites connected to it.

– implement actions that may damage, limit or interrupt all the functions of the site Icona di Verificata con community

– use this site for purposes other than those for which it exists

– spreading false news and information

-violate third party copyrights


– directly identify other users without having obtained their informed consent; Icona di Verificata con community

– write political, religious or social comments not related to the activity

– write comments containing expressions that are rude, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, discriminatory, or sexually explicit,

– write comments that may encourage hatred, physical or verbal violence.

Any comment in any case before being published will be adequately examined.

All users who are aware of activities that contain one of the aforementioned prohibitions or that they consider, in any other way, illegal, must notify SCOUTIT by sending an e-mail to info@scoutit.com.

SCOUTIT will investigate the facts communicated and will take all relevant measures and, where necessary, the termination of the contract in relation to the user.

The User who violates the above clauses will be held responsible for the penalties, sanctions and / or fines that may be imposed by the courts or other competent authorities against SCOUTIT as a result of the non-fulfillment of this clause by the Users. Icona di Verificata con community

Furthermore, in case of violation of one of the prohibitions or restrictions mentioned above, or if SCOUTIT receives a reasonable report such as to suspect that the User has violated any of the prohibitions and / or restrictions mentioned above, it will entail the right for SCOUTIT to cancel. o suspension of the profile of the user in question and may prevent, current and future, access and use of the products and / or services of the Site in relation to the suspended and / or deleted profile.


SCOUTIT holds or has obtained the license corresponding to the use of intellectual, industrial or image property rights in addition to the content available throughout the Site including, but not limited to, texts, graphic designs, drawings, source code, navigation structure, software, photographs, videos, sounds, databases, indexes, images, trademarks, logos, expressions and information and, in general, any other type of creation that is protected by the laws and international treaties relating to intellectual and industrial property (of followed, overall, the Contents of SCOUTIT).

All intellectual, industrial and author rights on the contents are reserved and, in particular, the reproduction, copying, distribution, public communication, transformation or modification of part or all of the content of the site for commercial or professional purposes. , can only be carried out in the presence of the authorization of the owner or the holder of the corresponding rights.

In no case, the fact of allowing users to access the site involves / the renunciation, transfer, license or assignment, in whole or in part, by the Owner, of the aforementioned rights unless otherwise provided in the specific conditions that regulate the use, supply and / or contract of the products or services which, if applicable, are offered through the Site. Consequently, delete, circumvent or manipulate the notice on copyright and other identifying data of the rights of the owner or its holders, as well as the technical protection devices, fingerprints or any other type of information and / or mechanism of identification included in the contents, is neither permitted nor permitted in any way.

The unauthorized use, exploitation and / or use of the Contents, as well as any act of a similar nature that causes damage or a violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, will be subject to the legal responsibilities established in this regard by the legislation on Copyright and trademark protection legislation (Law n.633 of 22 April 1941 and subsequent amendments Royal Decree n.929 of 21 June 1942 and subsequent amendments).


The collection and processing of all personal information will be carried out in accordance with the legal principles of Reg. Icona di Verificata con community EU 679/2016 and Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the protection of personal data which is an integral part of this contract (link). Icona di Verificata con community


Any communication between SCOUTIT and the user will be made on the basis of the contact information provided by the user, preferably by electronic means unless the law explicitly determines the contrary. Therefore the communications of SCOUTIT to the user will be made via e-mail. Icona di Verificata con community

The user therefore expressly accepts the use of electronic mail as a valid procedure for any communication with SCOUTIT.


In order to take full advantage of the services offered by the site, the user must register by creating his own account consisting of an ID and password.

SCOUTIT, following the registration on the site by a user, makes available the creation of a personal profile.

It is possible to create an account using one previously created with third parties, by way of example, but not limited to: Facebook and Google, Instagram, Twitter etc. with the natural limitation of taking care not to violate any of the terms and conditions governing the use of Third Party Accounts, and without obligating SCOUTIT to pay commissions or make SCOUTIT subject to the usage limits imposed by that third party service provider.

Therefore, by allowing access to an Account provided by Third Parties, in accordance with the provisions of the terms and conditions governing the use of each of these Third Party Accounts, the user declares that he has the right to disclose his Third Party Account access data to third parties and / or to allow SCOUTIT access to your Third Party Account, according to the purposes described here, without violating any of the terms and conditions governing the use of the Account of applicable Third Parties.

By making access to any Third Party Account available to SCOUTIT, the user also grants SCOUTIT access to any content made and / or stored through their Third Party Account on their page and therefore recognizes SCOUTIT the right, if necessary, to archive said contents.

Please consider that, if the account registered through Third Parties ceases to exist or the user for any reason or reason is no longer available to access it, the contents related to the third party account will also cease to exist. It is always available to the user to disable the access of this platform to the Third Party account; in this case it will be possible for the user to change their registration data, thus replacing those deleted by disabling the third-party account. The registration of your user profile can be considered concluded and legally binding only after clicking on the link sent to the e-mail address used for registration and having completed the procedure described therein.

No information contained in this site can be considered as an offer of the Services, but merely constitutes an invitation to make a registration request.

The user undertakes to provide their complete personal details at the time of registration and undertakes to keep them constantly updated.

It is not possible to register on the site if the user has registered one or more active accounts or has one or more accounts previously suspended or terminated by SCOUTIT.

It is strictly forbidden to provide access to the Services and the Site, through their Access Codes, to third parties not registered and / or suspended and / or previously deleted by SCOUTIT.

Accessing, registering an account or simply browsing the site does not require any subscription or payment.

Users are entitled to cancel their account on the site at any time by sending an e-mail to info@scoutit.co.


The three video courses (Starter, Advanced, ProSkilled) must be purchased and completed in this order and it is not possible to access a subsequent video course without having purchased and completed the previous one.


The price of the Starter video course is 39.00 euros.

The price of the Advanced and Proskilled video course varies according to the evolution of the contents and therefore refers from time to time to the specific moment.

The indication of the price in a currency other than the one initially indicated (Euro) will make it possible for SCOUTIT to apply currency conversion rates other than those currently applied by the exchange market and therefore it is accepted and understood from now on. that the conversion of the currency applied may not be the one currently in force and that the same may be changed over time.

In any case, note that if you select a currency other than the one indicated and regardless of any money conversion rate adopted by SCOUTIT, your credit institution will apply its own exchange rate and may also add a supplement; SCOUTIT, in this sense, declines all responsibility for the exchange rates applied by your credit institutions or the supplements applied by your bank.

Payment must be made through one of the payment systems provided and made available on the site, in any of the coins published on it. The USER accepts that payment in a currency other than the Euro may involve exchange costs.


Users undertake to use the Service with the utmost diligence, in compliance with the rules and laws in force.

In particular, users must observe the following rules:

– Do not identify yourself under false identity or identify yourself with general information belonging to another User

– Do not collect, process and store personal data of other users or third parties without authorization.

Failure to comply with these obligations by users may lead to the suspension of the Service or the termination of the contract pursuant to clause number 18


In order to take advantage of the Football Observer video course proposed by the Scoutit Site and of the webinar-seminars organized on third-party platforms (Zoom, Meet and similar), the following minimum technical requirements must be met. It is accepted as of now that no objection to this effect can be made to SCOUTIT.

Failure to use the service, in fact, will be attributable to the sole fault of the User.

In fact, the User is solely responsible for verifying the possession of the underlying minimum system requirements.


WINDOWS PC, equipped with the following minimum features:

Hardware: 2.7 GHz or higher dual core CPU with at least 2 GB of RAM. The PC must have the following peripherals: sound card, speakers or headphones.

System software: Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista.

Navigation software: Google ™ Chrome ™ 34.0 or later (JavaScript ™ and Java ™ enabled) Mozilla® Firefox® 34.0 or later, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer® 9.0 or later,

Internet connection: 1 Mbps DSL or higher technology.

APPLE MACINTOSH, equipped with the following minimum characteristics:

Hardware: Intel 2.7GHz processor (Core 2 Duo) with at least 2GB of RAM. Your Mac must have the following peripherals: sound card, speakers, or headphones.

System software: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan®), OS X 10.10 (Yosemite®), OS X 10.9 (Mavericks®).

Navigation software: Google ™ Chrome ™ 34.0 or later (JavaScript ™ and Java ™ enabled) Mozilla® Firefox® 34.0 or later, Safari ™ 6.0 or later.

Internet connection: 1 Mbps DSL or higher technology.


The SCOUTIT video course can also be viewed using mobile devices capable of supporting iOS, Android and Windows.

IOS supports:

Hardware: iPad® 3 or higher, iPhone® 5s or higher.

Software: iOS 8 or higher.

Connection: 3G or higher (WiFi recommended).

Android supports:

Hardware: 1GHz CPU or higher recommended.

Software: Android 4 or higher.

Connection: 3G or higher (WiFi recommended).

Windows ™ Phone and Windows ™ 8 / RT supports currently not available for the use of the site and the video course

NB In no case SCOUTIT can be held responsible for:

the total or partial malfunction of the Service deriving from technical, assembly or assembly errors by the user, overloads, interruptions of telephone lines, electricity or Internet related;

for breaches of third parties that affect the use of the Service, including, by way of example, but not limited to, slowdowns in speed or the failure of telephone lines, both fixed and mobile, and of the computers that manage the telematic traffic between the user and the portal used by SCOUTIT (rooms on Zoom, Meet and the like);

the failure and / or slowed down or partial functioning of the main videoconferencing systems (meet, zoom, teams, etc.) of the main tools for live broadcasts such as facebook, instagram, linkedin, etc., or anything not directly referable and under the exclusive control of SCOUTIT


SCOUTIT may terminate this Agreement unilaterally at any time if the User fails to comply with one of the obligations and guarantees established in this Agreement or if the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties are violated.

The termination of this contract does not affect the right of SCOUTIT to make a request for any corresponding damages.

Users are entitled to cancel their account on the site at any time by sending an e-mail toinfo@scoutit.co.


The contract in question relates to the supply of digital content through a non-material medium and the content in question, once purchased, is immediately made available to the User, this expressly constituting the entire execution of the contract.

Therefore, pursuant to art. 59, paragraph 1, lett. o), Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the User is aware and accepts that the right of withdrawal does not apply to the contract in question.


The User may not assign, subrogate or transfer the rights under this Agreement to third parties without prior written authorization from SCOUTIT


SCOUTIT cannot be held responsible for any non-fulfillment, inaccuracy and / or damage deriving from its performance except in the case of gross negligence and / or willful misconduct within the limits of the law.

SCOUTIT does not carry out any analysis of the contents of the users for any reason, including, but not limited to, the accuracy, legality or absence of violations of the same and therefore is in no case responsible for the violations resulting from said contents.

SCOUTIT declines all responsibility for the content of comments written by Users.


In the event of any complaints or in order to request information on the service, the user can contact SCOUTIT via the e-mail addressinfo@scoutit.co, or only for emergencies by calling the telephone number (+39) 3459391283.


The tolerance of SCOUTIT to the non-fulfillment or to the delay in the fulfillment of the other party, does not imply the tacit renunciation to make and / or request the fulfillment of the same clause in the future and / or to assert the non-fulfillment of the same.

More generally, any delays or omissions on the part of SCOUTIT in asserting a right or exercising a power deriving from this contract cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the relative right, nor the power to exercise it at any subsequent time.


In case of interpretative doubts, this contract is governed by the legislation in force in Italy and therefore governed by Italian law.

In the event of inconsistencies, inaccuracies, errors or any conflict in one’s own reference language, the written version of this contract in Italian will prevail; consequently the versions of this “Terms and Conditions” agreement in other languages ​​are published for information purposes only and have no legal validity.


Qualora una o più clausole del presente contratto di “Termini e Condizioni di utilizzo” dovessero essere ritenute illegali, nulle o inapplicabili da una corte o da un tribunale della giurisdizione competente, tali clausole verranno limitate o eliminate, fatte salve le rimanenti che  resteranno in vigore e continueranno a essere pienamente valide e applicabili; le parti si impegnano riformulare il contenuto di tali clausole, nei limiti consentiti dalla legge, in modo tale da rappresentare la volontà delle Parti espressa nelle clausole dichiarate invalide e/o inefficaci.


The certificates of participation issued by SCOUTIT do not certify the real skills of the user of the courses and are merely made up of certificates in digital format, signed by the legal representative of SCOUTIT, in which the personal data of the person are reported together with the words “For having participated in the video course (Advanced / ProSkilled) of in-depth analysis of the figure of the football scout “. [ed un numero progressivo indicativo dei partecipanti al corso].

This certificate does not have the legal value of a qualification, but is a certificate of participation in the video course present on the website www.scoutit.co

The video courses are aimed at all those who, both for work and for personal interest and with a basic knowledge of the football world, are interested in deepening and implementing their knowledge relating to the profession of Football Scout.

Consequently, the certificates of participation they do not constitute in any way legal qualification, job qualification or professional qualification.

The present courses have an informative and cognitive purpose of the profession of football scout.


After completing all three courses at the end of the ProSkilled course, the student can send fifteen (15) technical data sheets of players to SCOUTIT by sending them to the email info@scoutit.co with the aim of correcting them by SCOUTIT in order to of a mere training for the trainee in the preparation of technical sheets.  To be correct, the technical sheets must include players from professional first team leagues or youth leagues of national interest. SCOUTIT reserves the right not to correct technical data sheets relating to players for whom video materials and statistics are not publicly available.  The correction of the fifteen (15) technical data sheets by SCOUTIT will take place via e-mail with a reply to the e-mail received from the student.  After the correction of the fifteenth technical data sheet, the training period will be concluded. The training activity is not compulsory for the trainee who may not even proceed to send the technical sheets.


Scoutit can put users of the video courses in contact with sports agents, football clubs and other professionals in order to give the possibility to evaluate possible collaborations between the parties. The subjects listed above are called Partners. The terms and methods of collaboration are beyond any responsibility and choice of SCOUTIT. Procedures and terms will be decided by the subject who will eventually welcome the student for collaboration.

The agreements with the partner as an observer do not provide for remuneration, reimbursement of expenses, allowances, contributions, welfare, insurance and social security provisions unless otherwise agreed between the student and the partner from which SCOUTIT declares as of now its extraneousness.

 Scoutit, not being in any way part of the agreements between partner and trainee, declines any responsibility due to non-compliance with the regulations on dependent employment and any other norm similar to and / or applicable to them.

Scoutit will in no way be responsible for the relationship between the user and any other person.

SCOUTIT’s role is solely to create contact between Partner and student.

To be able to access a Partner contact, the trainee must have successfully completed all three courses (Starter, Advanced, ProSkilled) and the training period. Exceptions may only occur for specific timed projects.

The determination of the partner to whom to propose the student will be the sole choice of Scoutit. It is not mandatory for the trainee to access the Partner contact in the manner listed above. The student has the right  not to evaluate any collaboration with a partner.


In the event of legal disputes if the user is a consumer, the forum provided for by the consumer law d.lgs 206/05 will apply.

For any other dispute, it is hereby accepted that the only competent court is the court of Genoa.

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