Welcome to the Scoutit training course! About the role of the football scout Three distinct levels, each designed to explore the world of scouting and with the unique aim of getting you on the field at the end of the course.

Your introductory course to the world of football scouting.

Your career as football scout starts from Starter course, the starting point for all our trainees where you will understand all the mechanisms and dynamics around sport observation.

The Starter course is structured with a light formulation, to give you the chance to understand wheter or not the world of football watching is congruent with your aspiration without going into technical details.

In the Starter course you will find:

A video tour with:

  • The welcome by the founder of Scoutit Edoardo Pedemonte and a brief introduction about the scouting
  • Greetings from our technical staff who will guide you on your scouting journey
  • What constitutes the scout’s role in modern football
  • A technical lesson from our staff on the role of the midfielder and the observation using a video tool.
  • Testimonials from people who became scout with Scoutit

You will also can access to:

  • Player evaluation datasheets
  • Final test for completing the Starter Course
  • Partecipation to scout’s Scoutit community

The course is designed to stimulate your curiosity about this profession and to encourage you to explore specific aspects that make a difference in this world.

Enrolments for the starter course are currently closed and will re-open shortly. To get updates and further information write to info@scoutit.co

Once the course is bought, it will be available in MY ACCOUNT area.

The course price is €39

It is also possible to pay by bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT65S0306901400100000076796 Payee: Scoutit di Edoardo Pedemonte Reason for payment: Insert your name and surname, home address, tax code and your email. We need this data for the invoicing.

For any information or question write us to info@scoutit.co


All our courses, the materials, data sheets, are always available online, in your personal area. This way you can study and re-study the subject wherever you are and whenever you want.

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The course to learn the football scouting technique.

With the course Advancedyou get into the heart of the scouting world . With our technical staff, you will learn how to draw up a datasheet, which physical, mental and social aspects to consider when you observe a football player and much more.

These are the main topics discussed:

  • Who is the football scout (soft skills e scout’s abilities)
  • What a football scout does (a typical scout’s day, the scout’s tools, the scout’s main mistakes, international scouting, the football player’s level, the TIPS method)
  • The football player’s mindset (developmental stages, mental abilities, the term personality, lifestyle and social networks)
  • The football scout’s method (development profiles, player parameters, youth scouting, roles, reporting, data collection)
  • Stakeholders in the job (The importance of communication and interpersonal skills, the different figures around the scout, the three forms of carrying out the role, the footballer’s environment)
  • Conclusions and practical tips

The video lectures are held by: Claudio Onofri, Giorgio Danna, Paolo Seghezzi, Claudio Della Pietra e la psicologa dello sport Marzia Terragni.

The Advanced course guarantees a 1st level Observer Certificate.

N.B. The Advanced course can be unlocked after the successful conclusion of the Starter course.

You have reached the peak of your journey with Scoutit. By now you know perfectly well the technique of football observation and it’s time to move to the field. With the Pro Skilled course, the focus will be on regulations, bureaucratic and behavioural aspects in the world of football observation.

These are the main topics discussed:

  • Relationship between scout/agent
  • Contract of mandate
  • Preparation’s prizes
  • International transfer
  • regulations on membership
  • Amateurs’ market
  • Importance of networking

Moreover, thanks to this journey you will take the field and observe football playersin a training session with Scoutit.

Scoutit is the first football scouting academy that puts you on the professional scene.

The Pro Skilledcourse will guide you towards your future as a football observer.


The Pro Skilled course can be unlocked after obtaining the course certificate Advanced

How much does a football scout earn?

The good scout's characteristics

The Football scout's handbook

" Training is always the first step in approaching a new world or applying yourself in the field when carrying out an activity, train with us!"

scoutit osservatore di calcio

"At the end of the journey, you will understand that this is learning. Knowing that something you had understood all along simply had to be seen in a different way."

Doris Lessing

"Teaching is not just a cold passing of information, but a relationship between two human beings, in which one is thirsty for knowledge and the other is devoted to passing on all his knowledge."

Rudolf Steiner

Our courses for football scouts

How do our football scouting courses differ?

We combine theoretical training with practice. Whether it is practice on the field with one of our FIFA Agents and Observer partners, or a cluster of matches to be analysed independently, with Scoutit you have the opportunity to experience football observation from the stands of sports facilities right away.
In fact, our training experience does not only provide notions but aims to introduce you to the world of observation immediately after completing our course.

The Certificate of Participation in this Video Course does not constitute in any way a legal title of study, job qualification or professional qualification.

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