Course to become a football scout

Course to become a football scout.

We have all heard of “football scout” And many have dreamed of treading the boards as a scout seeking the future champion. But what exactly does this professional figure do? becoming-football-scout

Also known as “Talent scout”it’s about a very important figure on the football scouting scene. A real support for teams in their choice of the ‘best in the business’.

If you are reading this article, you are probably a fan of this wonderful world.
But it is important for you to know that passion is not the only ingredient for success in this job!

First of all, it is necessary to enrol in a course to become a football scout, such as those offered by Scoutit, which will enable youto acquire all the skills needed to identify young talent.
In addition to personal aptitudes, which are useful to perform the profession in the best possible way, you need to possess all the ‘technical’ skills that will allow you to excel in this field! The methodology for observing the individual players of the opposing team and a thorough knowledge of national and international legislation are examples of this. A careful and thorough knowledge of the subject you are observing, certainly involves specific evaluation parameters that you can only learn about by attending a football scouting course.

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The characteristics of a football scout

But what are the personal characteristics I mentioned earlier? Undoubtedly,the character component is a key element in the success of this job. If you have become curious about this profession it is certainly because you are endowed with great sensitivityyou are endowed with great sensitivity, as well as a propensity for critical observation, which is fundamental for those who approach this profession

Yes, because just a good scout is able to have such a watchful gaze that can identify not only the player’s strengths but especially his weaknesses, points from which he can improve.

From a relational point of view, a good scout is also the one who manages to establish good relations with his ‘entourage’:
This consists of coaches, managers, athletic trainers and colleagues.

The observer must follow a player from one match to the next, move around constantly and be prepared to give up a few weekends in order to do his job consistently.

He should be at the stadium at least one hour before the match in order to make a list of the teams on the field, taking note of all the information regarding the names and dates of birth of each player.
To find a strategic place in the stand from which to observe the game and not miss any detail that could be useful for the final report.

To find out more about the life of a football scout watch the video interview with a professional football scout.

The scout always remains impartial!

This is a meticulous job, in which a high level of concentration must be maintained.
Only a watchful eye is capable of catching even the subtlest shades of what it is observing, and this is the task of a football observer: to be able to perceive even the least obvious details!

Another fundamental aspect, is autonomy. Is important to not be influenced by the judgment of the other and to remain impartial and objective with regard to what you observe.

On the basis of what has been said so far, a football observer course can be perfect for all those who have a good dose of empathy and great communication skills..
Moreover is required a critical spirit and determinism about evaluations.

But at this point another question arises: How much does a football observer earn? What would my future prospects be if I chose to pursue this career?

Earnings and prospects as a football observer

It is inevitable that when you choose a profession, you also take its financial aspect into account.

As with all professions, merit is rewarded in this sector! Anyone who manages to have a good and successful career can certainly expect very high earnings.

However, it is impossible to say exactly what salary a football observer will receive.

There are many aspects to be taken into account, and apart from the person’s talents, the way the person works or the professional club for which he or she decides to work are also important.

Many people do this job at the same time as another, as they are aware that a good amount of experience is needed before obtaining a satisfactory wage.

Initially the income may not be as high as you expect, but determination, commitment and dedication will enable you to achieve your goals

It is important for you to know that there are two ways in which this figure can act: The first is carrying out this job as an employee of a professional club. The second one is to become a freelancer, which is certainly more risky but no less satisfying.

In both cases the possibilities to a successful future career are many, but be careful:

Having a “successful career” certainly doesn’t mean having a career without mistakes or obstacles. It is necessary to take the time to study and train but also time to making mistakes and keep improving through own mistakes.

So, if you’re ready to take the risk, you just have to throw yourself headlong into this wonderful experience and wait for all your efforts to pay off!

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