Course for football scouts.

Course for football scouts.

What does it mean to be a football observer today? Perhaps you have wondered about this many times while watching your favourite football players on TV. Well, your favourite football players are there thanks to their talent, of course, but mostly thanks to one or more football scouts who have found that football playerin the most prestigious football nurseries or in teams in lower categories. Course for football scouts.

The activity of the football scout is extremely fascinating, often under the radar and far from the spotlight that football shines on its own athletes, on the coaches on the bench or on the fans in the stands.

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What distinguishes a football scout from a fan

We at Scoutit know how much passion football can move and we are sure that you are among the many fans of this magnificent sport.
If you ended up on Scoutit, thus approaching the world of football scouts, it is because you believe you have one of the fundamental characteristics of a football scout, namely the sensitivity to understand the dynamics of sport and especially the sensitivity that allows you to critically analyze the situations you may be faced with.

An ordinary spectator watches a football match with enthusiasm. A football scout watches the same game with impartiality.

There are no colours or patriotism; there is just a group of athletes in shorts running and kicking a ball. The better they run and the more expertly they kick the ball, the more they could be an opportunity for you to make money.
As explained in the Transfermarkt article, becoming a scout requires an high degree of impartiality.

How much do football scouts earn?

Course for football scouts.As you know, Scoutit is strongly oriented towards the world of work. We do not boast World Champions on our staff, but scouts, FIFA agents, teams, and football academies can give you an immediate contact with the working reality.
Our mission is to lead all our trainees to work in the world of football scouting,once they have completed their training as football observers.

So we are certainly interested in talking about earnings as well.
The income for a football scout can be given by a football club depending on the availability and level of the scout.
Alternatively, a partnership can be formed with a FIFA agent, who, in terms of percentages, will agree with the football observer on the distribution of earnings on players referred to the agent.

Basically the football observer teams up with the FIFA agent in pursuit of a cohesive goal. The scout reports to the agent, who will try to get him into his stable,from there it is up to him to find him a worthy football club. From this step, the scout will receive a fee for reporting.

As an alternative or in conjunction with this, you can also build a career as an indipendent football scout. In this case, you contract directly with the football club to which you report the player you can earn with percentages on transactions unrelated to each other.
So, to recap, a football scout can work for a FIFA agent, for a football club, or as an independent. As is often the case in these fields, you have to work your way up, as in all activities, but with skill, passion and commitment, you can achieve good results and become a valued and sought-after collaborator.

In this in-depth-analyisis we explain what the earnings of a football observer can be.

How long does it take to become a professional football scout?

When starting out as a football observer it is important not to consider the economic aspect first, which will come in time.
Often, at the beginning of their career, football observers carry out the activity as a secondary activity. There are those who study at university and at weekends attend football camps where youth football matches abound. There are those who work and as a secondary activity start to receive their first money by reporting as promising talent.

Most of Scoutit’s students started out as football scouts in this way.
By thinking marginally about the economic aspect, one is able to focus more on the main activity of football scouts, namely scouting.
It means hanging out at places that allow the budding football scout to get known. Building relationships with clubs, fellow scouts and sporting directors of all the football clubs you deal with.

It is very important not to ignore any aspect and to avoid considering a football player or a football team as unsuitable beforehand.
In every nook and cranny of football, there can be a new A-list player, and only with the sensitivity that a football scout develops over time he can be spotted and placed on the most prestigious football stages.


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