The main features of a football scout course

Are you passionate about football and have you always dreamed of being part of this environment? Maybe you are already part of it as an athlete but you realized you couldn’t aspire to high levels? Your situation is common to many football players, sports fans, and all men on the field.

Have you ever considered the figure of the football scout?

Scoutit football observation

The observer is the one who moves behind the scenes, with a good deal of charm and ample capacity for technical judgment, who discovers a future talent and strives to bring it to play on more important stages than those in which it currently finds itself.

Let’s debunk the first prejudice: “to be a great observer you have to have been a great player’ FALSE. A good football player has athletic, physical, and competition-oriented mental skills. He is physically intact, he copes well with the pressure of sport and he has a little bit of good fortune from Mother Nature.
The scout has other features. He has knowledge of the football world, although he does not necessarily have to be a top-level footballer.

Many former football players, who did not make it in the professional ranks, approach Scoutit looking to find out more about the football observer courses we offer. So we decided to draw up a decalogue of the characteristics that a good football scout course should have and which represent our commitment to future scouts.

  1. A scouting course should NOT only be aimed at former players. As mentioned above, whether you have been a top footballer or a player in lower leagues, or whether you have always cheered from the stands without ever taking to the pitch, a good football observation course must be accessible to everyone.

  2. A football scouting course should NOT be taught only by former top footballers. The same principle applies to training providers. Having the favorite from the stickers as a teacher may be rewarding, but it is not synonymous with course effectiveness. Right now you are no longer a football fan. You are working in football And a course has to give you preparation and not just a chance to share a classroom with a famous person.

  3. Starting to think about work on the football pitch: Why would you like to do a football scouting course? To then work in this world, we suppose. Very good! Then it is time to find that training offer that puts you in direct contact with the world of work. Certificates on the wall are important, but knowing at a glance whether a player is running well has a whole other value.
    For this reason Scoutit promotes itself as the football scouting academy that introduces you to the world of work,by including in its offer a real “on-the-job” training, where you get to know the job’s secrets, but especially the teams, the football players and the colleagues you will work with.

  4. Your football scouting course must show you outcomes. Besides theory and practice there are outcomes. People like you who chose a football scouting academy have benefited. In this sense, we have collected some video testimonies from our trainees.

Would you like a complete football scouting course?

We have prepared a comprehensive course for you Explore our offer starting with the Starter Course

corso starter scoutit
In conclusion

We could tell you that we are the best and that our football observer training is worth more than the others. However, we would be unfriendly to our colleagues and would raise some doubts to you as well. That is why we say to you that if you have understood and agreed with the points you have read above, then Scoutit can really be the solution for your future as a football observer.

If, however, what you have read above does not convince you, then it is only right that your search for scout training continues and we are the first to wish you good luck in your success as a football scout.

Have you already seen the video of Andrea Carnevale, the Udinese scout? You find it here


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