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Not the usual football scouting course

Football observers, also known as scouts, are the most wanted figures by both amateur and professional football clubs.

Why are Scouts so requested? Because they carry out a task in the shadows that makes it possible to multiply in the medium to long term the investments made in identifying new football talent.

Football scouts must have a set of personal attitudes, as we explain in this in-depth analysis of the role of the football scout.
These qualities are necessary mainly football scout courseconcerning the discipline that observers must impose on themselves; imposing themselves to observe a certain number of matches, compiling data sheets, relying on data and analysis software. All this is part of the personality of the good football observer. The rest is learned through study and practice, knowing that controlling a certain ‘commercial’ charm is the culmination of a bright future in the world of football watching

Having established the ‘skills’ that an aspirant scout has to acquire, let’s look at what you can learn in a football scouting course.

The starting point is to understand whether being an observer could be a career choice for you.
At Scoutit, before providing training to our trainees, we put them through a testto check whether or not they have the prerequisites for the job. Often you are a football lover, as many are, but this does not necessarily mean that you will have a successful career in football.

We have found a video on the football scout’ s role that might clarify your doubts

Would you like a complete football scouting course?

We have prepared a comprehensive course for you Esplora la nostra offerta iniziando con il corso Starter

corso starter scoutit

Scoutit for an immediate entry into the world of work

Our strength, which characterizes our training and post-training, is related to the is the easy entry into the world of work. Our comprehensive course culminates in a field placement where our trainees watch their first matches together with an experienced football observer or FIFA agent.

For this reason, we cannot afford to train mere fans but require from our aspiring trainees certain characteristics that show us that in addition to passion there is a willingness to make a long-term commitment.

As soon as an aspiring trainee who applies to Scoutit is deemed suitable, he or she can begin his or her journey of learning the football observation technique.
From how to observe a player to how to write a data sheet, through FIFA rules and regulations to the psychological aspects of the pitch.

If you think you are professionally interested in the world of football and would like to apply as a future scout, please send your application.


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