How to become a football scout

The handbook for becoming a football observer

This article summarises all the basic steps to be taken to become a good football scout, in the hope that it will clarify any doubts about this profession.

  • Passion.

First of all, I would like to talk about ‘passion’ as an essential component in the realization of one’s dreams, whatever they may be. Work done without passion would be difficult to carry out. Yes, because focusing on something in which you have a deep interest helps you feel more gratified and brings much more satisfying results!

  • Personal features.

The next step is definitely to be able to develop all those characteristics needed to make a place for yourself in this reality and to become a good football scout. Qualities such as careful observation, strong critical faculties, and good communication and interpersonal skills are required. Maintaining good relations with one’s entourage allows one to carry out one’s work unhindered.

  • English.

Another must-have element is a good knowledge of the English language! Linguistic knowledge will only be an added value to one’s path, it will only be one more tool to move with more awareness within the competitive network.

But once the subjective components have been taken into account, it should be pointed out that without technical expertise, it would be impossible to do any kind of work.

  • Football scouting course

In this regard, the most important point to consider is to enrol in a course that gives you the right foundation to become a full part of this wonderful world. It is important to specify that in addition to the possibility of attending the course in person, i.e. traditionally, it is possible to choose the digital mode, depending on one’s needs. Through the didactic material and interactive lessons, it will be

It is also possible to deepen the topics covered during the course.

  • Experience

The most useful thing a football observer can do is to record, in black and white, the experience accumulated over time. The football observer certificate, if not combined with a good degree of experience, will not be enough to make your way in this world.

One key to success, in this regard, could be to create one’s own list of players who are considered to have good potential to aspire to the role of professional players. a kind of database! The experience in the field will allow you to progressively acquire all the necessary tools to do your job better and to establish yourself in the scouting sector.

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How to create your own database?

A key activity to become a football observer is to have your own database. You can start by looking at very young boys, if possible between 13 and 16 years old. At the beginning, you have to be very patient and ready to sacrifice in order to watch as many matches as possible and select the best ones on the field.become football scout

One thing that can help in talent scouting is to divide possible players into bandsaccording to the level of each player.

In the first category, players to be reported to high-level teams (Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan…), in the second category, players to be reported to medium-high level youth teams (Empoli, Lazio, Brescia etc.), and finally the third and last category, in which all players to be reported to lower-level youth teams.

This division is very important because there are some high-level teams that are more willing to invest in the youth sector.

In terms of numbers, the database will clearly be more relevant if one manages to select at leastforty players in the top band, around a hundred in the medium-high band and almost a thousand for those in the third and final band.

This will provide you with a personal database, the result of extensive observation, and careful selection from among thousands of children.

The technical evaluation of the elements, on the other hand, will only be possible thanks to some specific parameters learned during the training course. It will therefore be extremely necessary to be willing to watch as many matches as possible, in order to acquire a valid method of observation and a precise methodology of data collection.

Never forget that experience plays a key role in this job!

It is not taken for granted that an observer can have a clear overview during the game. On the other hand, it is probable that, especially at the beginning of his career, he is only able to assess a few elements, as he does not yet have the fluency of observation that can only be acquired through direct experience.

If you follow these small but valuable guidelines and never give up, you will certainly get on the right track to becoming a good football scout.

If you think you have the above-mentioned characteristics and the right will to tackle this path, you just have to get involved!

Embarking on this adventure will allow you to become an excellent football scout.
Discovering young talents will also help you discover new things about yourself.


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